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Unknown source / Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:35:53 GMT
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ABC News: Cardi B swarmed as she hands out free winter coats in Brooklyn
CBS News: Cardi B hands out free winter coats in New York City
KRIS Corpus Christi News: Cardi B 'came through gifting' at Brooklyn event
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USA TODAY: Cardi B: 'I don't want to show my baby to the public right now'
Fox News: Cardi B explains to Kimmel why she doesn't talk politics
PEOPLE.com: Cardi B Says Giving Birth to Kulture 'Broke' Part of Her — Hear Her Too Real Mom Confession
The Root / Fri, 19 Oct 2018 00:14:00 GMT
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Atlanta Journal Constitution: CONTINUING COVERAGE: Lottery fever rages as record Mega Millions jackpot nears $1B
Lincoln Journal Star: Mega Millions jackpot approaches $1B; 'it is almost a frenzy,' Lincoln businessman says
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The Root: The Nanny Reboot With Fran Drescher and Cardi B Might Really Be Happening Now
PEOPLE.com: Fran Drescher Says She's 'Talking' to Cardi B's Team About Casting Rapper in a Nanny Reboot
Fox News: Fran Drescher in talks with Cardi B about casting rapper in 'Nanny' reboot
Adweek / Thu, 18 Oct 2018 19:52:30 GMT
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The Cut: Michael B. Jordan Asked Naomi Osaka to the Creed 2 Premiere As a Birthday Gift
Bustle: Naomi Osaka's Response To Michael B. Jordan's 'Creed 2' Premiere Invite Has Twitter Seriously Excited
Entertainment Tonight: Michael B. Jordan Invites Tennis Pro Naomi Osaka to 'Creed II' Premiere After She Admits to Crushing on Him