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Unknown source / Mon, 25 Jun 2018 13:42:43 GMT
HuffPost / Mon, 25 Jun 2018 10:26:00 GMT
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USA TODAY: Jim Carrey gives us an eyeful with new Trump painting — there's one of Jared Kushner, too
The Independent: Jim Carrey unveils NSFW Donald Trump cartoon amid Stormy Daniels controversy Jim Carrey Draws Donald Trump Having Sex in NSFW Artwork Amid Stormy Daniels Controversy
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New Haven Register: Jim Carrey Depicts Statue of Liberty as a Cancer Patient in Latest Artwork
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Fox News: Melania Trump's jacket skewered by celebrities from Chelsea Handler to Jim Carrey
Independent Recorder: Melania Trump's jacket skewered by Actors from Chelsea Handler to Jim-carrey
The Cheat Sheet: Melania Trump Just Set a Fashion Precedent — But At What Cost to Her Relationship With America
Newsweek / Tue, 19 Jun 2018 20:59:00 GMT
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Business Insider: Jim Carrey's latest political drawing depicts Trump about to eat an immigrant baby
TheWrap: Jim Carrey Chews Out Trump With Cannibalistic 'Art of the Deal' Spoof
Mediaite: Jim Carrey Draws Terrifying Cartoon of Trump About to 'Devour…Immigrant Babies'
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HuffPost: Jim Carrey Painting Shows 'Calvin' Peeing On Donald Trump's Grave
Fox News: Jim Carrey's latest artwork depicts 'Calvin and Hobbes' character urinating on Trump's grave
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TheWrap: Jim Carrey Marks Trump's Birthday With a Grave-Urinating Pic
IndieWire: Jim Carrey's New Painting Literally Pisses on Donald Trump's Grave, Sends the President to Hell
HotNewHipHop: Jim Carrey Shares Drawing Of Donald Trump's Grave Getting Peed On
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Newsweek: Jim Carrey Targets Trump-Kim Singapore Summit, Beef With Canada in New Painting
Fox News: Jim Carrey crudely mocks Trump-Kim summit in latest 'artwork'
TheWrap: Jim Carrey Shades Trump and Kim for Summit 'to Save the World From Bloodthirsty Canadians'