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Unknown source / Mon, 22 Oct 2018 03:22:35 GMT
CNN / Sun, 21 Oct 2018 18:03:21 GMT
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Miami Herald: DeSantis rips CNN for releasing 'misleading poll' ahead of first debate with Gillum Ahead of CNN debate, poll shows Andrew Gillum leading Ron DeSantis by 12 points
Miami New Times: Andrew Gillum Stomped Ron DeSantis in Sunday Night's CNN Debate
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The Sun: Terrifying moment house party floor COLLAPSES injuring at least 30 people in South Carolina
Anderson Independent Mail: Clemson clubhouse floor collapse: 30 injured at Woodlands apartments
WYFF Greenville: 'Don't take life for granted,' clubhouse collapse victim says; dozens injured
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TheWrap: CNN Reporter Cuts Broadcast After Being Hit With Tear Gas: 'I Gotta Get to Safety' (Video)
Mediaite: CNN's Bill Weir Hit With Tear Gas During Harrowing Live Report at Mexico-Guatemala Border
CNN / Sun, 21 Oct 2018 16:09:38 GMT
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Washington Examiner: CNN fact checks Trump on everything; not so much on left-wing conspiracy theories
CNN / Sun, 21 Oct 2018 12:45:57 GMT
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Washington Post: US general wounded in attack in Afghanistan