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Unknown source / Thu, 18 Jan 2018 00:00:40 GMT
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New York Daily News: Paul Haggis accuser defends anonymity, shoots down Scientology conspiracy claims
Slate Magazine: An Anonymous Paul Haggis Accuser Pens Column Denying Links to Scientology
Daily Mail: 'Shame on you': Paul Haggis sexual assault accuser hits back at Leah Remini who said four abuse claims against the ...
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HuffPost: Leah Remini Suggests Scientology Is Behind Paul Haggis Sexual ...
The Mercury News: Leah Remini implies Scientology fabricated Paul Haggis sexual assault allegations
Fox News: Leah Remini defends fellow ex-Scientologist Paul Haggis, suggests Church of Scientology is behind rape claims
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USA TODAY: Leah Remini defends Paul Haggis: Scientology may be behind misconduct claims
Vulture: Leah Remini and Co-Host Mike Rinder Defend Director Paul Haggis Over Rape Allegations
Newsweek: Leah Remini Defends Ex-Scientologist Paul Haggis Amid Rape Allegations
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Smoky Mountain News: Robert Burns dinner
NJ.com: Food Notes: Celebrating Scottish traditions
The Scotsman: SNP MSP hails 'economic impact' of Robert Burns
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Deadline: Deborah Rennard Defends Ex-Husband Paul Haggis Against Rape Allegations
New York Daily News: Paul Haggis's ex-wife defends director amid sexual misconduct allegations
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USA TODAY: Director Paul Haggis resigns from charity he founded amid sexual-misconduct allegations
CBC.ca: Susan Sarandon, Ben Stiller to replace Paul Haggis at Artists for Peace and Justice
The Blast: Susan Sarandon & Ben Stiller Take Over Charity After Paul Haggis Resigns
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Los Angeles Times: Rape lawsuit against Paul Haggis prompts more accusers to step forward
Washington Post: Paul Haggis, the Oscar-winning filmmaker of 'Crash,' accused of sexual assault
CNBC: Four women accuse Oscar-winning 'Crash' filmmaker Paul Haggis of sexual misconduct
The Edinburgh Reporter / Wed, 17 Jan 2018 16:11:56 GMT
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CBC.ca: Dancing, bagpiping and haggis: Edmontonians celebrate Robbie ...
Grimsby Telegraph: If you've never tried haggis, then three pubs are putting it on their menus for one week only!
Coventry Telegraph: When is Burns Night 2018? Why is it celebrated, origins and more