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Unknown source / Wed, 24 Jan 2018 09:09:43 GMT
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New York Times: McKayla Maroney, Describing Sexual Abuse, Calls Larry Nassar a 'Monster of a Human Being'
HuffPost: Olympian McKayla Maroney On Larry Nassar: 'He Abused My Trust. He Abused My Body.'
USA TODAY: McKayla Maroney's lawyer: USA Gymnastics relented only when others offered to pay fine
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HuffPost: Chrissy Teigen Offers To Pay Possible Fine For McKayla Maroney's Truth-Telling
CBS News: Chrissy Teigen offers to pay McKayla Maroney's possible fine for discussing Nassar abuse Chrissy Teigen & Kristen Bell Offer to Pay Fine So McKayla Maroney Can Speak at Coach's Hearing
Roanoke Times / Wed, 24 Jan 2018 05:43:29 GMT
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The Cut: USA Gymnastics Execs Resign Amid Sexual Abuse Scandal
TheSportster: 15 Things About McKayla Maroney USA Gymnastics Wants Forgotten
Brinkwire (press release): Chrissy Teigen Offers to Pay McKayla Maroney's Fine Linked to Larry Nassar NDA