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SB Nation: Breakup doesn't change how Ricky Stenhouse Jr. will race Danica Patrick at Daytona 500
Sporting News: Ricky Stenhouse Jr. isn't going to race ex-girlfriend Danica Patrick differently after breakup
Fox News: Danica Patrick's Daytona 500 ride is kind of retro
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New York Times: Under Fire for Harassment, Congressman Says Aide 'Invited' Behavior
Newsweek: What Is Patrick Meehan Accused of? Ethics Committee Launches Investigation Into Congressman
Washington Examiner: Patrick Meehan denies sexual harassment allegation but says he called young aide his 'soulmate'
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Seattle Times: New WSU AD Patrick Chun says he was drawn to Pullman by infrastructure in place for success, and Kirk Schulz
iFIBER One News: Patrick Chun officially announced at WSU athletic director
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