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Business Insider: Tom Brady says he had just one rule for his clutch go-ahead touchdown throw, and the Patriots discuss it every week
Sports Illustrated: In Foxboro, Another Super Bowl, Another Brady
Los Angeles Times: Tom Brady gets congratulated by referee immediately following Patriots' win over Jaguars [Video]
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New York Post: Tom Brady noticed how much we hate this Super Bowl
Washington Post: 'It was pretty stressful': Finally, Tom Brady opens up about that bad cut on his passing hand
USA TODAY: Eagles' Lane Johnson looking to dethrone 'pretty boy Tom Brady,' Patriots
Los Angeles Times / Mon, 22 Jan 2018 17:37:27 GMT
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New York Post: Tom Izzo tucks tail after Aly Raisman's mom rips into him
For The Win: Tom Izzo apologizes after Aly Raisman's mom rips his remarks about Larry Nassar
Yahoo Sports: Tom Izzo apologizes for using 'wrong words' in statement about Larry Nassar case
More sources: Tom Brady makes great reference to Tiger Woods's dominance in AFC Championship press conference
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